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Purple Passion
Hauling in the Nets
Attempted break in   Crack addicts in Brazil 5
Wild Flower in the Wind
Baby is a Butterfly
Pumpkin Flower Opening
Prayer for Crack Addicts in Brazil 4
Bird House in summer
Prayer for Crack Addicts in Brazil 3
Crack Addicts in Brazil 2
Tropical Rain
Crack Addicts in Brazil
Puffed up
My Traveling Companion and I
Three Straw Hats
Going to School
Three Sweet Swine
Bridge with City View / Pont avec Vue sur la Ville
Sandstorm / Tempête de sable
Going to Work
Taking it Easy
Day Dreaming / Jour Rêvant
Touchy Feely
Glued to the Wall
Washed Away
Vase with Tulip
Yellow Orchid
Basket / Panier
After a Bad Sleep / Après un mauvais sommeil
Floral Arrangement 2
Towards the Saints
Let's have a ball  2
Gushing Forth
Puddle Perception 2
After a bad performance
Natural Sculpture
Winged Mozart
Blessed / Béni
Brno, Czech Republic