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Windows - Bratislava Castle, Slovakia

e. from New York, NY, United States

Wow, neat angle on the capture. The row of windows just seem to go on forever.

29 Feb 2008 8:12am

@e.: Thank you, e.

tyan from Singapore, Singapore

very nice perspective!Some kind of urban beauty:)

29 Feb 2008 8:22am

@tyan: Yes, it's just a little harder to find in the city. Thanks, Tyan.

Marta from Vila Franca de Xira, Portugal

wow, nice prespective

29 Feb 2008 9:00am

@Marta: thank you so much, Marta.

Hoopand from Tehran, Iran

wow! nice repeats!

29 Feb 2008 9:20am

@Hoopand: thank you, Hoopand.

Teresa Durães from Montijo, Portugal

nice padron

29 Feb 2008 9:23am

@Teresa Durães: thank you, Teresa.

Alexandros from Kefalonia, Greece

Great perspective...

29 Feb 2008 9:25am

@Alexandros: Many thanks, Alexandros.

Saeed from Tehran, Iran

nice shot. great composition with good camera angle . . .

29 Feb 2008 9:28am

@Saeed: thank you, Saeed.

Graça B. from Lisboa, Portugal

Nice use of repetitive pattern. Beautifully neat and clear. Congratulations, Michael.

29 Feb 2008 10:08am

@Graça B.: Thank you, Graça. I really appreciate the positive comment.

Dara from Irvine, United States

very nice angle, highly creative

29 Feb 2008 10:23am

@Dara: A kind comment. Many thanks, Dara.

Paola Veneziani from Italy

bella l'inquadratura e l'idea! complimenti!

29 Feb 2008 10:25am

@Paola Veneziani: Grazie mille, Paola.

martie from Okinawa, Japan

I really like the angle you took this one at! And I find the colour of the building so calming. Beautiful!

29 Feb 2008 10:36am

@martie: Yes, I agree the color of the building is calming. Thank you, Martie.

MaryB from Staffordshire, United Kingdom

I'm loving the angle and the light in this beautifully crisp shot, brilliant Michael.

29 Feb 2008 11:04am

@MaryB: I thank you for your excellent comment, Mary.

dpm from Maale, Maldives

cool, like the way the eye leads diagonally to the last window on the roof...

29 Feb 2008 11:30am

@dpm: Excellent comment. thank you, dpm.

pLusOne from Cheonan, South Korea

Nice angle!
I like the patterns of the rooftops and the clear sky.

29 Feb 2008 11:46am

@pLusOne: Many thanks, P1.

Lorraine from Gatineau, Canada

Gorgeous...can I move in? Is it heated? lol great angle Michael :)

29 Feb 2008 11:47am

@Lorraine: Although it's part of the castle, I wouldn't be surprised if it is unoccupied and rarely heated. Thank you, Lorraine.

jelb from France

Nice composition..Beautiful tones..Bravo!

29 Feb 2008 11:56am

@jelb: Merci beacoup, Jelb.

Earth from Lisboa, Portugal

to see the top of the world. beautifull!

29 Feb 2008 12:02pm

@Earth: I like the comment. Thank you.

vu@granby - Wolfgang Prigge from Granby, QC, Canada

excellent clarity and composition, bravo!

29 Feb 2008 12:10pm

@vu@granby - Wolfgang Prigge: Thank you, Wolfgang. I appreciate your positive comment.

Viewfinder from Bradenton, United States

Excellent working of the angles. I am glad you did not attempt to "straighten" this one.

29 Feb 2008 12:24pm

@Viewfinder: Thanks, VF. Straightening wouldn't have been as interesting I think.

givethemhell from Germany

So many identical windows - is this a convent, Michael?

29 Feb 2008 12:55pm

@givethemhell: It is a wing of Bratislava Castle. Thank you, Eva.

Koushiro from Singapore, Singapore

Great angle! It IS rather interesting to take the buildings as such! Well done!

29 Feb 2008 1:39pm

@Koushiro: Thank you, Koushiro.

MJ from Delaware, United States

great lines ... it looks like it goes on forever

29 Feb 2008 1:45pm

@MJ: Thank you, MJ. I was hoping for that effect.

Ron from Saint Louis, Missouri, United States

Beautiful light and color, Michael. The perspective really makes the shot! Beautiful.

29 Feb 2008 2:37pm

@Ron: Thanks, Ron. Such a nice comment.

TILALA from bordeaux, France

Very original! Everything is perfect!

29 Feb 2008 2:45pm

@TILALA: Thank you so much for your generous comment.

standley from Brou-sur-Chantereine, France

An exceptional diagonal perspective Michael. Bravo

29 Feb 2008 2:45pm

@standley: Thank you, Standley.

Steven from Chicagoland, United States

I love the symmetry of your composition. And the angle gives the building that "tipping" effect.

29 Feb 2008 3:14pm

@Steven: An excellent comment. thank you, Steven.

Neeraj Sahay from Noida, India

Absloutely sharp,crisp and stunning pattern.Its a treat to eyes.

29 Feb 2008 3:43pm

@Neeraj Sahay: Thank you, Neeraj.

Elisa from Massachusetts, United States

nice perspective!!

29 Feb 2008 4:11pm

@Elisa: Thank you, Elisa.

Reza from Montreal, Canada

Wow! Very cool composition and wonderful repetition. Great shot.

29 Feb 2008 4:50pm

@Reza: Thank you, Reza.

Evelyne Dubos from Le Mans, France

L'effet grafique est bien mis en valeur par la luminosité et par la diagonale formée par l'alignement des fenetres, original !!

29 Feb 2008 5:14pm

@Evelyne Dubos: Merci beaucoup, Evelyne.

adlibitumphotos from Lyon, France

Excellent. Pascal

29 Feb 2008 5:49pm

@adlibitumphotos: Merci, Pascal.

yiannis krikis from thessaloniki, Greece

excellent colors and framing - I like these houses very much

29 Feb 2008 6:16pm

@yiannis krikis: A nice comment. thank you, Yiannis.

Ana Lúcia from Leiria, Portugal

Nice perspective!

29 Feb 2008 6:21pm

@Ana Lúcia: Thank you, Ana.

Peter Miller from Lichfield, United Kingdom

Great repeating pattern and nice colours, i have been to Bratislava about 4 years ago, I remember it being very hot

29 Feb 2008 6:40pm

@Peter Miller: Thanks, Peter. Yes, it can get very hot during a heat wave. This photo was taken a few days ago on a warmish winter day. 18 degrees C.

Soco from Gerona, Spain

very nice perspective

29 Feb 2008 8:22pm

@Soco: Thank you, Soco.

Graham Russon from Cape Town, South Africa

Love the repetion and colours are marvelous. Well spotted, excellent capture.

29 Feb 2008 9:41pm

@Graham Russon: thank you, Graham.

MadScientist from Düsseldorf, Germany

Very dramatic shot! Love that diagonal! This castle is very well restored!

29 Feb 2008 10:27pm

@MadScientist: Yes, it is. There was a lot of damage in the past. Thank you, MS.

Photographs by M.E. from Encino, United States

awesome perspective, the repetition and tones are wonderful!

29 Feb 2008 11:00pm

@Photographs by M.E.: Thank you, M.E.

Brites from Lisboa, Portugal

Magnificent diagonal.

1 Mar 2008 12:12am

@Brites: Thank you, Brites.

Michael Rawluk from Prince George, Canada

That is very cool. It could go on forever. Great tones and nicely composed.

1 Mar 2008 12:15am

@Michael Rawluk: Thank you, Michael.

Rags from Plano, United States

Awesome patterns in this image. Well done!

1 Mar 2008 1:09am

@Rags: Thank you so much, Rags.

Barbara from Florida, United States

Wonderful symmetry. The angle gives it character to an already interesting shot. Amazing amount of windows as if they were cloned in. Very clean looking shot.

1 Mar 2008 4:14am

@Barbara: Thanks , Barbara. They are all real.

rain girl from Delhi, India

love the perscpective and the awsome did a pretty good job here :)

1 Mar 2008 5:20am

@rain girl: Thank you, Rain Girl.

Japanalia from Yokohama, Japan

A beautiful perspective in clean colours! The shapes in repetition make the shot very attractive as well as the ingenious angle!

1 Mar 2008 2:16pm

@Japanalia: Thank you, Gabriela.

Sandrine from Cincinnati, United States

Great compo!

2 Mar 2008 2:07am

@Sandrine: Thank you.